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Why don’t I have a partner? Why is my relationship not working?

It’s Valentine’s Day.. Everyone is sharing love and going for dates.. and yet I don’t feel loved. When will love come into my life? Why are my relationships not working? When will I meet a partner who will love me the way that I am? A partner who will show me the love I deserve? Why do I attract the wrong...

How Tantra changed my life.

My life and my perception of life took 180 degrees shift after reading the first 4 pages from the book Tantric Love. I was expecting something about sex so this was a shock for me! Until that time I was living a very ordinary life. I graduated at City University in Bratislava. I had my own company, I was going to work,...

  • Author: Amrita Hanna Slaninková, MBA – tantra teacher and holistic therapist
  • Since 2011 Amrita has studied Tantra, meditations, holistic healing techniques and energy work. On her path, she has experienced a powerful opening of her ‘healing channel’ and since then she has been working as a medium – channeling high vibration frequencies to other people with amazing results. Presently, she is sharing the most effective methods she has learned to help other people live consciously in joy and bliss. She writes articles, facilitates workshops for women, offers personal therapeutic Skype sessions and online healing programs.