Mastering Love in the Modern World

Do you ever feel that there is a higher dimension to sex and relationships that than what you are living right now? I did – and I’d like to share about how the wisdom of Tantra transformed my life.

Modern society generally leaves us poorly prepared to develop strong and healthy relationships. In ancient times, along with the emotional support of a whole tribe, our ancestors also benefited from an induction into the art of relating and lovemaking from the tribal elders. Individuals were gradually initiated into adulthood, with many strong relationship role models and in certain advanced eastern civilizations such as Indian and China the instruction in sexuality was refined into an erotic art form. Amongst these sources of ancient wisdom is Tantra.

I came across my first Tantric Teachings in my early thirties, scouring a book shop in search of help for a failing marriage.

As a couple, the main issues we were experiencing were:

  • Lack of understanding of our different emotional needs.
  • Lack of understanding of our different sexual needs.
  • Poor communication.
  • Lack of knowledge of how to give each other pleasure.
  • Using sex mainly to release tension and to experience momentary pleasure rather that filling up, experiencing expansion and rejuvenation.

One of the books which helped me was, Divine Sexuality – The Joy of Tantra by Ma Ananda Sarita PhD and so began a path which literally started to lead me from sex to spirit. Whilst first expanding my horizons of how to make love, this developed from a very physical and functional act to an art and from an art to something sacred taking me into a direct experience of something beyond my body.

This improvement in my intimate relationships was accompanied, unsurprisingly, by a better understand and relationship with myself. This led me to set different priorities in life and ultimately completely alter my life’s course. Like a ripple, what took place in my center expanded outwards to encompass all aspects of my life.

Eventually after 27 years in the corporate world and after having raised two children, the time had come to give back; to help others.

Sometime ago I wondered what sort of workshop I’d have liked to attend to deal with the issues I was experiencing when I first came to Tantra.

The Master Lover Workshop is just such an experience. It is a journey for both singles and couples which introduces completely new possibilities and techniques for enjoying more fulfilling and rich intimate relationships.

Drawing from ancient Tantric practices, this workshop teaches:

  • How men and woman function sexually and emotionally
  • Integrating love and sex
  • Increasing the height and duration of sexual ecstasy
  • How a man can recharge himself after sex
  • How to use self-pleasuring as a tool for becoming a master lover
  • The importance of touch and methods of touch for optimum lovemaking
  • Bringing a spiritual understanding to sex, love and relating
  • The basics of how to integrate Tantra into Sexual Relationships

Imagine, how it would be to:

  • Live your life full of passion, ecstasy and bliss.
  • Enjoy deep connection and communication with your partner.
  • Feel complete sexual fulfillment and gratitude.
  • Feel rejuvenated and energized in life through the healing powers of sex.

There will be no sexual union as part of the group structure. The focus is on inspiring you to have the best sex of your life, after the weekend. Be ready to be delighted, exalted, amazed and transformed around the entire subject of sex, love and relating. If you have a partner they will be deeply grateful that you participated in this group, and if you are single it will surely boost your confidence and help attract a lover into your life.

This is not just a dream. It is a potential that every person carries inside.

Join this transformational seminar and its sacred teachings with me and Amrita to experience a break-through in your love-life. 

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Jonathan Clarke
Passionate teacher of Tantra, Yoga and Meditation and Skilled Therapist, Jonathan has also raised two children and spent 27 years in Business. This gives him a deep empathy with those integrating a spiritual practice with everyday life. He uses movement, breath and pleasure to nurture an embodied path of self-development and connection with spirit.

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  • Author: Amrita Hanna Slaninková, MBA – tantra teacher and holistic therapist
  • Since 2011 Amrita has studied Tantra, meditations, holistic healing techniques and energy work. On her path, she has experienced a powerful opening of her ‘healing channel’ and since then she has been working as a medium – channeling high vibration frequencies to other people with amazing results. Presently, she is sharing the most effective methods she has learned to help other people live consciously in joy and bliss. She writes articles, facilitates workshops for women, offers personal therapeutic Skype sessions and online healing programs.